A 10 Year Sleep Study

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Can you achieve sleep perfection?

SleepCoacher is an automated system to help you achieve that by monitoring your sleep behaviors, guiding you towards better sleep quality through self-experiments that happen while you sleep.

How SleepCoacher Works

Some people need more sleep than others, some are night owls while others are early birds, and some are more sensitive to noise. To know how to sleep better, you need to know more about yourself.

The SleepCoacher-compatible app on your bed monitors movement and noise while you sleep. When you wake up, it sends your sleep data to a system that reviews your sleep history, and learns how your behaviors and sleep quality is related. It generates recommendations, asking you to run experiments on yourself to learn about you, and over time can tell you more and more about your sleep.

Since everyone responds to changes differently, SleepCoacher observes the outcomes of behavioral changes, and tells you what works best for you specifically. Each night is a chance to sleep even better.

SleepCoacher takes care of the statistics and experimental design. It knows when to stop an experiment, and when to try something new. You only need to worry about trying to follow its recommendations, and learning about yourself in the process.

The 10 Year Sleep Study

To learn what behaviors affect your sleep quality, a week is not enough. Even a month can only tell you one or two things about your habits. SleepCoacher will run for 10 years, so you as a user can optimize your sleep behaviors over a long series of trials and analyses. Start and stop whenever you please. SleepCoacher cycle


SleepCoacher: A Personalized Automated Self-Experimentation System for Sleep Recommendations
Daskalova, N., Metaxa-Kakavouli, D., Tran, A., Nugent, N., Boergers, J., McGeary, J., & Huang, J. (2016, October). SleepCoacher: A Personalized Automated Self-Experimentation System for Sleep Recommendations. In Proceedings of the 29th Annual Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (pp. 347-358). ACM.

Compatible Apps

SleepCoacher Android

Available on Google PlayStore

SleepCoacher iOS

under development - 2017 launch

Sleep as Android

Available on Android, but with limited ability to identify noise events, or minute-by-minute disturbances.

Source Code and Documentation

Source Code on Github

Development Team

Guillermo Beltran

Lisa Wang

Jina Yoon

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